Creating brands centered around the people and audiences who engage with them.

Research & Strategy
I begin with a conversation with the client and stakeholders about their business and the scope of the project. In learning about the client, and its industry, I’m gathering as much information as possible to add depth and meaning to the design. The research phase helps to craft a design solution that is more than something that looks good; it will be driven by the mission and values of the business.

After research and discovery, the clients goals are interpreted into a design. Typically, a range of concepts are explored and edited. Final concepts are then presented and revised until a final, appropriate and compelling design solution comes to the fore. The design phase is scalable. Depending on timeline, budgets or other factors, we can do more exploration – or less. Some of the best work comes from an expedited process.

After a design direction is chosen, I coordinate the production and manage timelines for delivery. If it’s new business cards, letterhead and related collateral, I partner with the appropriate printer to make sure your design is produced efficiently and with the highest quality. Follow-through is an important part of the design process, and I am available to oversee quality assurance and help guide the design to other platforms such as the web, advertising and environmental design.